Benefits of Metal Deck Railing in Orting

metal deck railing OrtingDo you have an existing deck or are planning on installing one as part of an outdoor renovation? If so, have you considered railings for the structure? This adds tremendously to the deck’s curb appeal. Metal deck railing is one variant that provides aesthetics, function, and longevity. Here are some points to be mindful of when you contemplate metal for your railings. 


Metal railings are quite durable. Both aluminum and steel can withstand the test of time with little maintenance from the homeowner. Warping or splintering are non-issues with respect to metal. If you’re seeking a long-term solution, you can’t go wrong with metal.

Weather Resistant

Unlike PVC and wood, you can apply powder coating to metal. This enables the surface to withstand rust. With periodic re-coating, metal deck railings can last upwards of 20 to 30 years. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

You can’t go wrong with metal railings if you want some additional charm. There is a belief that metal provides an industrial appearance and vibe. However, this isn’t true when it comes to metal railings. Various design options and styles are available. Homeowners have a plethora of choices. Ask your contractor what design types are in vogue. In addition, metal railings also complement the look of most fence types, especially if the deck and fence are in close proximity.

Interested in Metal Deck Railing in Orting?

Does the idea of metal deck railing appeal to you? If so, contact HDK & Sons to speak with one of our contractors. We can present to you a multitude of options. Apart from deck and railing installations, we also perform a number of other outdoor renovations, including some specialty projects upon request. With summer not far off, now is the time for an outdoor upgrade to make your patio more livable and inviting. 

Installing Metal Deck Railing Systems in Orting

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Types of Railing Systems for Decks in Summit

deck railing, deck railing system, railing systemDo you have plans for a deck installation for your home in Summit, Washington? There is more to a deck than just the floor panels. Most decks also include railings that act as a divider. A deck railing adds tons of visual appeal to the outdoor living area. Railings also come in varying styles; find a type that complements your home architecture.


If your deck is solid wood, you’ll likely also want wooden railings to match the flooring. Wooden railings are popular and are also customizable. The price range can vary by wide margins. Treated wood is affordable, though there are luxury hardwoods that are quite pricey. Wood railings are a terrific choice if you have an existing wood fence or plan to install one.

Composite & Vinyl

Composite and vinyl are two other variants. The advantage is that these materials require little upkeep beyond the occasional cleaning. Composite and vinyl also tend to be cheaper on average compared to wood. 

Aluminum Powder Coat

Metal railing systems are also quite charming. Thanks to the powder coating, the alloy is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The only downside with aluminum is that styles and designs are fairly limited.

Interested in a Deck Railing Installation in Summit?

Have you decided that a deck installation is the way to go for your home renovation project in Summit? The first step is to contact HDK & Sons and set up a consultation with one of our experienced contractors. Our renovations include deck and fence installations as well as a number of outdoor specialty projects. The consultation includes guidance on selecting an appropriate deck railing type that matches nicely with the rest of your property and its surroundings. Contact us today to kickstart the process. 

Installing Deck  Railing Systems in Summit

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Important Factors to Consider Before a Wood Deck Installation Near Milton

HDK & Sons Inc.Have you decided on a wood deck installation for your residence near Milton, Washington? A deck is a great installation that makes your patio a far friendlier space for get-togethers. If you decide to proceed with the project, there are certain factors you’ll need to consider and discuss at length with your family. Here are the main variables to have in mind.


You’ll need to consider the size of your deck. The contractor will also need to take measurements of your yard before installation can begin. The size is important; a deck that’s too large can have the illusion of overcrowding the outdoor living area. A deck that’s too small may feel inadequate.


Where will the future deck be located? Factors to keep in mind include privacy, lawn features, and position in relation to the fence. The contractor can also make recommendations regarding the precise location.


What’s your main motivator for a deck installation? Do you plan on using the deck as a hosting space for weekend parties? Do you want an intimate space for romantic dinners with your significant other? Having a clear function in mind will also help you decide on additional accessories and features.

Ready for a Wood Deck Installation Near Milton?

Are you committed to the idea of a wood deck installation for your Milton residence? Take the next big step by contacting the professionals at HDK & Sons for an in-person consultation. We’ll build a deck that will last for many years to come. In addition, you can also count on us for a number of other outdoor specialty projects to further enhance your lawn. We perform installations to industry standards and never cut corners. We get the project done right the first time.

Wood Deck Installation Experts Near Milton

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Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time for Wood Deck Installation Near Lake Tapps

wood deck installation

Are you considering a wooden deck installation as part of a home renovation near Lake Tapps, Washington? Many homeowners tend to hold off outdoor remodeling until spring. However, winter is actually a very good time for hiring a contractor. Here are several reasons winter is a good season for deck and other lawn makeovers.

Easy Scheduling

Many homeowners plan major renovations in spring and summer. This means contractors are more readily available during the cold season. In other words, if you schedule for the winter, you’re more likely to get your preferred timeslot. There’s a lesser likelihood of having to settle for an earlier or later-than-desired date.

Quicker Completion

In winter, contractors have fewer scheduled projects and are less likely to divide their time between multiple clients. For you, this means the contractors can dedicate all or most of their time to your deck, leading to faster installation and fewer delays.

Avoid Spring Price Increases

Wood deck installations are more commonplace in the spring and summer. Because of this, contractors will often raise their prices when winter comes to an end. Material prices also tend to be higher due to the skyrocket in demand.

Preparing a Wooden Deck Installation Near Lake Tapps?

Do you wish to grace your lawn or patio with a new deck? Winter is a viable time of year for a wooden deck installation for your residence in or near Lake Tapps. Begin now by speaking with a professional at HDK & Sons for a consultation and an in-person survey of your outdoor property. Apart from a deck, we also perform a number of other outdoor renovations, including wooden fences and specialty projects. Make this winter the time to change the ambiance of your home and give it new life and charm.

Wooden Deck Installation Experts Near Lake Tapps

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Common Questions Before a Wood Fence Installation Around Bonney Lake

wood fence installation around Bonney Lake

Do you have plans to erect a fence around your property in or around Bonney Lake, Washington? There is a multitude of factors to consider before initiating the project. This is an important step because diving into the project too quickly can result in blemishes in the installation, or an overall finished product you’re unsatisfied with. This is why it’s important to be sure you ask the right wood fence installation questions before beginning the process. Here are good questions to ask the contractor.

Which Material Is Ideal?

There is a wide gamut of fencing styles to select from. Your choice should take into account a number of factors, such as your budget, visual preferences, terrain, and level of privacy desired. The contractor can make recommendations based on one or a combination of the above factors. Continue Reading →

Proper Wood Fence Installation Prevents Rot Near Edgewood

wood fence installation, fence installation

Are you concerned that your wood fence may be susceptible to rot near Edgewood, WA? The probability of rot cannot be ignored. Over time, it’ll compromise the structural strength and reduce your fence’s longevity. Luckily, proper wood fence installation can offset rot. Merely replacing the panels and posts won’t resolve the issue since it doesn’t address the core cause. The fence’s initial installation must be done correctly to truly keep rot at bay. Here is some additional information to be mindful of if a new fence is in your immediate future.

Professional Installation Is Ideal

Installation isn’t as easy as staking the wooden posts and leaving it at that. This is why professional installation is best. The job requires a contractor who can perform the job to industry standards and in accordance with formal guidelines. This is the surefire way to protect against rot. The process is too intricate and complex for homeowners to tackle on their own.

Separation Is Necessary

During installation, it’s necessary to have some separation between the post and soil to keep moisture away from the wood. A contractor will take precautions, such as using gravel or pouring concrete as a barrier between the posts and soil. In addition, it’s also imperative to use pressure-treated timber to prevent damage from termites and other boring insects.

Need Wood Fence Installation Services Near Edgewood?

Do you have plans for a wood fence installation for your property in or around Edgewood, Washington? Now that you understand how to minimize rot, take the next proactive step by contacting HDK & Sons in Puyallup to set up an appointment. With years of experience, we can install fences and decks in accordance with the strictest industry procedures. Learn how we can be of assistance for your fence installation needs today.

Wood Fence Installation Experts Near Edgewood

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Signs You Need Wood Fence Repair in South Hill

wood fence repair, fence repair

Do you suspect your South Hill residence may require wood fence repair? Modern wood fences can last upwards of decades with just occasional maintenance. Nevertheless, damage can and does occur with the passage of time, especially if the wood panels are exposed to extreme weather elements and other adverse factors. As the homeowner, it’s important to recognize when repairs from a professional are necessary.

Protruding Nails

Wood can warp and contract over time, causing the nails to shift out of place and even protrude to some degree. Furthermore, if the nails appear badly rusted, that’s a sign that the wood may be exposed to too much humidity. Bring in a professional to assess the fence.

Wood Rot

Modern wood fence panels contain a seal to protect against elements like humidity. The coating needs to be reapplied every few years. Failing to do so can lead to the growth of mold or mildew, leading to rot. Once the damage reaches this stage, some of the panels may need to be replaced.

Warped Boards

As mentioned earlier, the wood panels may warp. When this happens, some sections of the panels will appear uneven and with a noticeable bulge. Once warping occurs, the panels will most likely need to be replaced as moisture has penetrated the wood.

Need Wood Fence Repair in South Hill?

Is your South Hill home in need of wood fence repair? If one or more of the aforementioned signs become apparent, then it’s necessary to make an appointment with HDK & Sons in Puyallup. A contractor will make an assessment of the fence’s condition and determine the degree of repairs needed or whether replacement is warranted. Apart from fence repairs and installation, we also perform other outdoor renovations, including deck installation and additional specialty projects like yard construction.

Wood Fence Repair Experts in South Hill

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How to Prepare for a Wood Fence Installation Near Auburn

wood fence installation, fencing installation, wood fencing

Have you decided on a wooden fence installation for your residence in Auburn, Washington? Even if the project is still several days or weeks away, you can make preparations starting now to make the process more seamless for everyone involved. We suggest keeping the following in mind as you plan for your soon-to-be-installed fence.

Mark Your Property Line

Establishing the boundaries of your property line should be among the first steps. It’s not enough to just make an estimate. You need to know where your lawn begins and ends down to the inch. If you still have your home’s original blueprint, it may contain this information.

Notify the Neighbors

Give your neighbors a friendly courtesy notice that you’ll be erecting a new fence. After all, the fence borders their property and may have a visual effect on their own property as well. In addition, during the installation phase, the installer may need to temporarily access their side of the property.

Clear the Area

Don’t make the contractor’s job harder by leaving objects all over the installation area. If you have items like potted plants and lawn decorations, move them out of the way. Keep in mind that contractors usually charge by the hour. A messy area may prolong the installation process, thereby leading to a higher labor fee.

Ready for a Wooden Fence Installation Near Auburn?

Are you fully set on a wooden fence installation? If so, take the next step by contacting HDK & Sons in Puyallup for a no-cost estimate and in-depth consultation. We’ll discuss the project in detail, including the estimated time of completion and fees broken down according to labor and materials. Furthermore, if there are any other preparations you need to handle on your end, we’ll let you know in advance. Apart from fences, we also install decks as well as perform a number of other outdoor specialty projects.

Wooden Fence Installation Experts Near Auburn

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Benefits of a Wooden Fence in Fife

wood fence

Are you contemplating a wooden fence for your residence in Fife? Since there are multiple fence styles to select from, it’s essential to explore all potential options. Be mindful of the following facets as you consider the perks of a wood fence.


A primary advantage of a wood fence is that it fits within most budgets. Wood fences are less expensive than those manufactured from other materials. Since wood is one of the more cost-friendly options on the market, it’s suitable for renovations on a budget.


Wooden fences can last upwards of decades due to their durability against natural elements. Keep in mind, though, that periodic staining and sealing are required. Otherwise, the fence panels may be vulnerable to warping, rotting, and other damage. When regularly treated, however, the panels will retain their quality and visual appeal for many years.


In addition, wood fences are customizable. Homeowners can paint them, or make adjustments to the panels for a truly unique design and curb appeal. Suspending potted plants is one popular design element. Even some businesses are opting for wood fences over the more conventional chain-link fences.

Ready for a Wooden Fence Installation in Fife?

After reviewing the advantages associated with a wooden fence, have you decided that this is the fence style of choice for your home? Contact HDK & Sons in Puyallup to book a no-cost consultation. We can evaluate your property and assess the length of fence required, the estimated cost, and the timeframe of completion. Our crew has the hands-on experience and industry knowledge to perform the installation to precise industry standards. For additional renovations, we also perform deck installations and some specialty projects upon request.

Fife Wooden Fence Installations

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Questions to Ask a Potential Waller Outdoor Construction Contractor

outdoor construction contractor, outdoor construction, construction contractor

Are you in the midst of hiring an outdoor construction contractor in Waller? Whether you want a new deck or fence, it’s imperative that you hire a company you can trust. As a customer, be sure to do your due diligence and ask the right questions when vetting potential companies and contractors. Don’t be shy about having multiple inquiries. 

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Always inquire about the number of years in service. This goes for both the individual members that will be working on your project as well as the company as a whole. You should also ask about your outdoor yard feature construction project’s details to gauge the contractor’s level of industry knowledge.

What’s the Estimated Date of Completion?

To plan your schedule around the project, inquire about how long the project may take to complete. While the contractor should provide a timeframe, keep in mind the figure is just an estimate. With any outdoor renovation, varying factors can affect the timetable, such as weather and availability of materials.

Is a Warranty Included?

Refrain from hiring a contractor whose work doesn’t include a warranty in writing. A legitimate outdoor yard feature construction company should provide a warranty on both parts and labor. This is a financial safeguard that protects the customer should an issue arise not long after the installation/repair.

Need to Consult with a Waller Outdoor Construction Contractor?

Now that you know which questions are relevant, take the next step of action by calling HDK & Sons in Puyallup for a no-cost consultation. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you like. Our contractors make up of knowledgeable industry insiders with years of on-the-job experience. An outdoor construction contractor can help set up your project – all while meeting industry standards and exceeding every level of customer satisfaction.

Waller Outdoor Construction Contractor

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