Important Factors to Consider Before Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup

installing a wood fence puyallupDo you have plans for outdoor renovations that include installing a wood fence? This can especially be a good remodeling solution for Puyallup homeowners. A fence has both functional and cosmetic benefits. The first step is to contact a contractor regarding installation. However, there are some factors to discuss with your family beforehand. Here are some variables to think about when incorporating a fence into your property.


Why do you want a fence in the first place? Do you want more privacy, or do you wish to increase the value’s property? Once you identify the main reasoning for wanting a fence, it’ll be much easier to establish your budget and price point. 


Establishing the purpose of the fence will help you determine an average budget. If privacy is your main purpose, for example, then you need to install a fully-private fence, which will have a different cost than a semi-private fence. If you have additional outdoor plans, such as a deck installation, then this must be factored into the budget as well.

Property Lines

It’s important to know where your property begins and ends. Without establishing your property boundaries, you could end up installing a fence that intrudes into your neighbor’s property.  This could create a legal nightmare.  

Need Assistance Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup?

Now that you’re aware of some of the necessary factors, it’s time to speak with a contractor at HDK & Sons. We have the hands-on expertise to install a residential fence to homeowner satisfaction. In addition to fence installation and repairs, we also perform a number of specialty projects on demand. Whatever your needs, give us a call to find out how we may be of service for your upcoming outdoor renovations. 

Help Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup

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