Important Factors to Consider before Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup

installing a wood fence puyallupAre you finalizing plans for installing a wood fence on your property in Puyallup? Fences can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In some cases, they are the perfect way to complete your outdoor space. There are, however, a number of important factors to consider before calling a contractor. By spending some intentional time reflecting on your needs now, you’ll be better prepared to discuss specific details when working with a professional. 


Homeowners pursue wood fence installation for a variety of reasons – privacy, security, aesthetic appeal, increased resale value, etc. What is the purpose of your new fence? Identifying this first; it’ll have a huge impact on your project.


While the cost of installing a wood fence shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind, it is important to establish a budget. Knowing what you can spend will help you and your contractor make the best and most prudent decisions moving forward. 

Property Lines

It’s imperative that you know your exact property lines before you begin. The last thing you want to do is to be obligated to take down or move your fence after a neighbor complaint.     

Need Help Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup?

Are you ready to start your wood fence installation in Puyallup? Now that you’ve spent some time thinking about your project, discuss specifics with a professional. The highly trained and experienced contractors at HDK & Sons are here to provide superior design and construction assistance. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to help you. With extensive industry experience, homeowners regularly depend on our team for a variety of outdoor yard feature construction services, including fence, deck and gazebo installations. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Help Installing a Wood Fence in Puyallup

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